Peace of Mind Fest FAQ


What is Camp Muckleratz?

Camp Muckleratz is a privately owned campground located in the midst of the Weiser State Forest Haldeman Tract, just outside Elizabethville, PA (despite the Halifax address). It has a capacity of just over 1,000 camping attendees. The location is a very beautiful, rustic venue for a music festival. The Peace of Mind stage is located just behind the administrative lodge. Beyond that, a large fire pit marks the general entrance to the main camping area. On the other side of the lodge/production area, is the Peace of Mind side stage.

What is the address?

2749 Game Lands RD, Halifax, PA 17032. We recommend the Google Maps app for finding the address via GPS. If you still have difficulty finding the address, search for Quarry RD, Elizabethville, PA, and our direction signs will point you the rest of the way.

Are there bathrooms on-site?

There is a permanent primitive bathroom at the camp, in addition to port-a-potties that will be brought on-site during the festival.

Is there electricity/water available on-site?

There are no hook-ups for electricity or water, so attendees are encouraged to pack/plan accordingly. We advise that you bring several gallons of water to last the weekend. Unfortunately, due to limitations with space, RVs and other large vehicles will not be permitted at the festival.

How do I get to Camp Muckleratz?

To get to Camp Muckleratz from Harrisburg, PA, follow 322 N, and exit at the 225 exit toward Halifax. Follow RT 225. You will begin to see signs for the festival approx. 9 miles past the town of Halifax, just outside Elizabethville. The first signs posted off of route 225 are located at two roads which lead to the camp: Mountain House RD at the bottom of the hill leading into Elizabethville, and Quarry RD at the top. The road coming in is bumpy, and unpaved, so we advise caution upon arrival. Please be on the lookout for vehicles coming the other way, as the main path into the campground is narrow.

How early can I arrive at Camp Muckleratz?

The gates will open for early arrivals at 2 PM on Thursday August 31. There will be an additional fee of $10 for early arrivals. However, vehicles arriving Thursday with 3 or more paying customers will only be charged $10 for all paying attendees in the vehicle (unfortunately, children under 13 do not count as 3 or more paying attendees, as children 13 and under receive free admission).

How long will the front gate be open to arrivals?

The gate will be closed at 2 AM, each night of the festival.

What time will the gate open to arriving attendees during the Festival?

The gate will re-open at 8 AM, each morning, starting Friday the 1st.

How much is admission to Peace of Mind 7?

Weekend passes are $70 in advance and $85 at the gate . There will be an additional fee of $10 for Thursday arrivals. 

Is there a hotel, nearby?

Rt. 225 S. will lead attendees to Rt. 322, which goes into Harrisburg, where there are many lodging options to choose from. If you follow Rt. 225 N through Elizabethville, you will eventually arrive at the intersection of Rts. 225 and 25. Turning left at this intersection will lead you to the Lodge at Lykens Valley. The rooms here are comfortable, and affordable. Visit their website at: The Lodge at Lykens Valley.

Are day passes available?

Unfortunately, no. The weekend price will be reduced to $60 on Saturday, September 2 after 4:00 PM and $30 Sunday morning.

Are RVs and campers permitted?

Unfortunately, due to limited space we are not able to permit attendees to bring RVs or campers. Small pop up campers are permitted.

Is there car-side camping?

Car-side camping is available on a first-come-first-served basis at no extra charge. In order to conserve comfortable camping space and safe throughways for vehicles coming in and out of the festival, we encourage parties with more than one vehicle per campsite to park any extra vehicles in the lot next to the admissions area. W

Will there be a first-aid station?

Medics will be on call during the entirety of the festival. Anyone experiencing any medical issues should report to the administrative lodge, located by the main stage.

Will there be camping on Sunday night?

Yes. However, all attendees who choose to camp on Sunday must vacate Camp Muckleratz no later than 12:00 pm (noon) on Monday, September 5th. Please be respectful of the camp, and try to leave your site a little better than you found it. Remember that this is a family-friendly event, and children will be present throughout the weekend, so please enjoy yourself responsibly and respectfully.

Are dogs/pets allowed?

We allow dogs/pets, however, for your pet’s safety and the safety of all POM attendees, please follow these guidelines. All pets MUST be leashed and cleaned up after. At no time is any pet to wander the festival grounds. Know your pet’s temperament. This is a family-oriented festival. There will be children, and attendees who might not be aware of the presence of animals. Failure to keep your pet under control may result in ejection from the festival without refund.

Are there showers?

No. Camp Muckleratz is a rustic location, and attendees will have to “rough it” as far as bathing and other bathroom needs are concerned. 

Do kids have to pay to get in?

All children under 13 will receive free admission. Children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you allow reentry?

Yes. As it is a holiday weekend, we are encouraging all attendees to come to the festival as prepared as possible so that trips outside the camp are not necessary. Less vehicles leaving and returning means a smoother entry/parking process for attendees that are arriving to the festival

Is there a designated family camping area?

While we encourage families to attend Peace of Mind Fest, limitations on space do not allow us to allot a separate space for families with children. Campsites are first-come-first-served.

If you have any further questions, please email them along with a detailed subject header to peaceofmindfest@yahoo.com .